The Complete Guide to Loving Your Housework

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

3 Reasons why we should all learn to love cleaning

Chores can be boring and time consuming. But, as it turns out, they have a lot of benefits.

Cleaning is a necessary chore for home owners and business owners alike. It ensures the safety of the living space and provides a clean workplace for employees to work in. However, it can often become a tedious task that nobody wants to do. Plus, chores often require different skillsets from what people are best at or enjoy doing most. That is where hiring a professional cleaning service comes in.

But there are also benefits to cleaning that many people overlook because they don’t see the value in them right away:

There are many steps to cleaning that can be broken down into a process. The process can then be challenged and adapted to fit your individual needs. The most important part of the process is making a commitment.

Make it Fun

The key to making something fun is to make it challenging.

We want to make cleaning so much fun that you become addicted. Design personalised cleaning plans, challenges, and routines for yourself. With these tools, you will never have the excuse of not knowing what to do next in your cleaning journey. You could hire a professional cleaning service in Plymouth to help with your plans, Ocean City cleaning offer a decluttering service that is completely tailored to you. They can give tips and challenges and keep you motivated with regular visits.

Hoarding and Decluttering help in Plymouth

Prioritise and Delegate

The whole point of this section is to help you decide what tasks to prioritise and what tasks to delegate. So, let's get started with the first one!

There are many ways you can prioritize your tasks. One way is to rank them by which one will have the most impact on your goals. Another way is clear what tasks are urgent or not urgent. Urgent tasks are things that need done now or else bad consequences could result. Not so urgent tasks could be left for tomorrow or sometime soon.

Prioritizing your task list will help you stay organized and efficient during the day so that you don’t waste time on things that don’t matter as much as others do.

Delegating is about assigning a task to someone else because it falls within their skill set. Oven cleaning for example is an important task, but not one that most households have the correct tools and products to complete to a high standard. A lot of the chemicals that you can buy for oven cleaning in Plymouth are toxic and create horrible smelling fumes. Sometimes it is best to delegate such tasks to a professional cleaning company.

More cleaning tips

  • Set your intention for the day by picking a specific task or two that you want to focus on when you start cleaning. For example, if you always start with the dishes or laundry before moving on, set your intention for other tasks like dusting or tidying up.

  • Make sure you're using products that are appropriate for the task at hand, like natural cleaners for surfaces and organic laundry detergent for laundry. It's also important that any products are safe for pets and children in order to avoid any accidents!

  • Invest in some mood-boosting music because nothing lifts the spirits like singing along to your favourite tunes.

  • Take a little time to find the right tools for your home cleaning needs.

  • Be mindful of your environment and how you feel in it.

  • Get the right supplies and put them away in easy to reach areas so that you don't have to do any unnecessary hunting around when you need them next time!

  • Make a cleaning schedule that works for YOU!

Hire a Local Cleaner in Plymouth

If you haven't got time to do the cleaning yourself, or just don't want to. There is always the option of hiring a local cleaner in Plymouth. A professional cleaning company will have all the right tools and products to be able to get your home looking pristine. You could maybe think about having a cleaner as a one-off treat, to get the house to a standard that you could then maintain, or you could have a cleaner come in on a monthly basis to do the chores you don't enjoy.

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