Plymouth's Greener Cleaner Answers Your Questions

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Our Eco friendly cleaners in Plymouth have come together to talk about some of their favourite green cleaning supplies and techniques.

In this post Becky will answer some questions that get asked by her clients on cleaning jobs.

What made you start an Eco friendly cleaning company in Plymouth?

I am very conscious about what chemicals I use inside and around my house. I always check the labels to see what is inside of the products before I use them. I had heard some horror stories about pets and cleaning products in the past, and it really made me think. What wasn't good for pets might not be good for my family either!

After a lot of research in to the products I had been using I was horrified to find that most of them weren't only not particularly good for use around children and pets, they were pretty damaging to the environment as well. This made me want to start using more Eco friendly products in my own home, and my love of cleaning made me want to start cleaning for other people. By starting Ocean City Cleaning I got to combine my new found knowledge on Eco friendly cleaning products and my love of cleaning. So our Plymouth cleaning company was born.

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What cleaning products couldn't you be without?

Like my desert island discs of cleaning products? 😂 Ok, well white vinegar would be my number one product for sure. I use it everyday for my Plymouth cleaning jobs. It is great for cutting through grease and grime. Here is a tip for's great as a fabric softener too!

Lemon juice is another one I love. It's like vinegar for it's grime busting but it also smells amazing. The only down side is you'd have to squeeze a whole lot of lemons to get enough to use it as your main cleaning product, so I tend to use it mixed with vinegar. It helps with the vinegar smell too.

How many is that? Can I have Lemon and white vinegar as one product? My next one would be oxygen bleach I think. I was blown away when I first tried it. The first thing I used it on was a shelf in the garage that had been grubby for ages. I didn't mean to use it on the shelf, I knocked it over while I was mixing it, but I couldn't believe what happened. The stains on the shelf just disappeared! It was like they just melted away. To be honest I half expected the shelf to start melting and fall off the wall as well. Luckily, the shelf is still firmly attached to the wall, it's just all clean and sparkly now! I have kept oxygen bleach in my cleaning products caddy ever since. I tend to use it a lot for end of tenancy cleaning in Plymouth rentals or deep cleaning in Plymouth homes. There are lots of online shops where you can buy oxygen bleach, so it is readily available.

I can't decide on my third one. There are lots I use daily that are reliable cleaners. I guess it would have to be a disinfectant though, so I'd go with the Ocean Savers Antibacterial spray. It comes in a concentrated form that you mix with water. This means that I can use the same bottle over and over again, and water isn't unnecessarily being driven all over the country.

What are the best cleaning tools?

All of our cleaners in Plymouth will give you a different answer to this, but my favourites are compostable sponge cleaning cloths, My biodegradable rubber gloves and my vacuum with a car detailing kit. The car kit has some really tiny nozzles that can reach between small things and remove even hidden dirt.

How long have you been cleaning in Plymouth?

Ocean City Cleaning is a newly formed company. Our team have been performing cleaning services in Plymouth for a number of years as individuals, but we decided to team up very recently. We are a group who work well together and our combined experience means we are able to offer more cleaning services than we could working as individuals. We offer carpet cleaning and oven cleaning now, as well as decluttering and our regular and deep cleaning services.

What are your top cleaning tips?

Keep on top of the day to day housework. In our house we have a one touch rule. If it is in your way and you need to touch it, don't move it to the other side of the table, put it away! That way, clutter doesn't build up and become a huge task later on.

You also don't need 100s of cleaning products. The more you have, the more you need to find space for. Get yourself a basic Eco cleaning kit and refill as you need to.

A regular cleaner is perfect if you don't want to spend ages each week cleaning your home, but keeping on top of the little things means your cleaner can spend more time cleaning, and less time moving things about.

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