Natural Wood Cleaner

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

We are seeing a lot more people starting to make their own Eco-friendly cleaning products. Our domestic cleaners in Plymouth have been sharing some of our cleaning tips and recipes with tenants and home owners in Plymouth, and we are loving seeing some of the cleaning products you make.

Today we are going to share an Eco-Friendly cleaner that can be used on wood.

Basic Wood Cleaner Recipe

What you will need

The Juice from four lemons

60ml water

1/2 teaspoon natural liquid soap

A few drops of olive oil

Simply mix the ingredients together in a bowl. Saturate a sponge or cloth with the mixture, squeeze out excess, and use to wash wooden surfaces.

You can use either vinegar or lemon juice in this recipe. A vinegar solution will keep between uses in an airtight container , but if you use lemon juice, like I did, you’ll want to make only as much as you need for one cleaning as the lemon juice will spoil. You can also add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance if you like. Peppermint oil goes quite nicely for cleaning products.

Natural Wood Cleaning

Why Use an Eco Cleaner

So now you have heard about this amazing homemade furniture polish, why use it over regular polish? It can do so much for your wood furniture, clean it, moisturise it, and protect it - in addition to the fact that it's affordable and does not release chemicals into your home's air.


There are a number of recipes that you can use for DIY furniture polish that don’t contain chemicals or aerosols. Many people find that relief from allergy symptoms starts when they switch to homemade cleaning recipes, such as this one.

No build-up or haze.

Commercial polish contains silicone among other ingredients. It bonds with itself after each application so you get another layer trapping dust and humidity. Over time, the layers make your furniture look dull and dirty even when you have just polished it.

Affordable. You can usually find these ingredients in most people's kitchens (olive oil, vinegar & lemons to name a few), or it is easy to find them at the supermarket. If you want to mix up your furniture polish with some essentials-grade oils, then they are also quite affordable and readily available at many different retail outlets.

Safe around pets and kids. This natural furniture polish recipe uses only safe, non-toxic ingredients so don't worry - you can use it around your kids and pets if you wanted to. It's just that if you have a puppy who likes to lick things, don't add the essential oils as not all of these are pet safe.

Tips on Using Homemade Cleaning Products

Lint-free cloths are a must. Old t-shirts make great dusting and polishing cloths, save on splashing out on new and recycle as well. Whatever you choose, be sure that it won’t leave lint on things when you’re done cleaning your polished furniture! You can use the same cloth several times before washing. Just store it with your homemade cleaning products for quick touchups.

Why These Ingredients?

The ingredients in this natural homemade furniture polish accomplish several things. Olive oil moisturises and shines wood but also helps dissolve dirt. White vinegar is a natural disinfectant that removes soil and smudges. The lemon provides additional shine and leaves a lovely fragrance.

Can I Use This Homemade Polish on My Wood Floors?

This natural homemade furniture polish is designed strictly for use on furniture. If you use it on hard floors, it may leave them too slippery. To clean and shine hardwood floors, try a homemade floor cleaner instead.

This product is also not suitable to use on painted surfaces.

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