Dealing with Water Marks

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

How our deep cleaning company in Plymouth remove water marks the eco friendly way

Water spots are inevitable and annoying but you can get rid of them with one kitchen ingredient that most of us have in our cupboards in Plymouth. It might not be in our cleaning cupboards, but I bet it’s there somewhere – white vinegar!

The acid in the vinegar cuts right through mineral deposits and water spots. You’ll be surprised with the results! You will be hearing a lot about white vinegar from our reliable Plymouth cleaning team. We love the stuff!

The method

  1. Pour a little white vinegar directly on a cleaning cloth. We use these fantastic compostable cleaning cloths, they are a favourite with our domestic cleaners in Plymouth. Use the cloth to rub at the water marks. It is that simple!

  2. Rinse using regular water

  3. Dry with a clean cloth

Eco friendly cleaning products in Plymouth

Where can I use this cleaning tip?

  1. Glass shower doors

  2. Bathroom tiles

  3. Taps and plug holes

  4. Stainless steel appliances – especially around a water dispenser!

  5. Anywhere you see those annoying water spots

Where not to use this cleaning hack

Vinegar is acidic so while it can be used on certain materials, it can damage other surfaces.

Don’t use on stone (marble, granite, quartz) as it can etch the surface over time.

Will my house smell like a chip shop?

The smell is strong at first but it’s harmless and disappears once the vinegar dries up.

How often can I use this method?

As often as you like! Some of our clients use it in between our regular cleans to keep the water marks down.

What if I hate the smell of vinegar? What can I use instead?

Vinegar is my recommendation for water spots and mineral deposits. You could always infuse the vinegar with essential oil to cut the scent a little. As you start using vinegar, you’ll get used to the smell - I used to hate it, but now I’ve seen the results when I use it, I’m learning to love it.

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