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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Do you want to know more about green cleaning? Our Cleaners in Plymouth have put together this handy guide. We were sceptical when we first decided to green clean. We were worried that our Eco friendly cleaning products wouldn't quite match up to the ones we already used. We need not have been concerned. We found that the green cleaners were as good, and in some cases better, than our previous toxic cleaners.

Some tips if you are looking to start green cleaning

Be mindful of the containers your cleaning products come in. Single use plastics are a huge problem and damage our environment. There are many companies that sell products for cleaners and the public in more Eco friendly packaging. Companies such as sell a variety of cleaning products using more sustainable or refillable packaging. Before you buy any product check out the packaging and labels. If it isn't recyclable, look again. Lots of companies are becoming more Eco aware, and you are likely to find an alternative cleaner that is. If the environment concerns you, the best thing we can do as consumers is vote with our hard-earned cash. The more of us that don't buy single use plastics, the more pressure big companies will feel to clean up their act.

Make your own cleaning products

It isn't as hard as you might think! Many things that we already have in our Plymouth homes make reliable cleaners. You won't need a chemistry lab. An empty bottle and a few common household ingredients will do the trick.

Our cleaners in Plymouth have some great tips!
Make your own green cleaning products

White vinegar

White vinegar is readily available and often comes in glass bottles. Simple white vinegar has the acidic properties you need to clean your home. It is amazing at breaking down grease. Diluted white vinegar is a powerful stain remover, and spraying a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water will bring windows to a shine. It is also cheap as chips (although we are sure they've got more expensive in Plymouth lately). Adding a few drops of a scented oil helps with the vinegar smell. White vinegar can be used for cleaning sinks, showers, baths and more. If you like to experiment it can also be mixed with other common household ingredients to make other cleaners.

White Vinegar, an eco friendly cleaner.
White Vinegar Makes a Reliable Cleaner!


This one is a firm favourite with our cleaners . The juice of a lemon makes a reliable cleaner for all sorts of cleaning tasks. Lemon has antibacterial power too, and will work on many surfaces. Although lemon does have antibacterial properties, it is not an effective disinfectant on its own. Please keep this in mind if you decide to experiment with making your own cleaning products.

Lemons for green cleaning
Lemons. The Eco Cleaner.

Over the coming months, be sure to look out for more eco-friendly cleaning tips.

Made your own green cleaning product? Share it with us!

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