A Little About Cleaning and Eco Awareness

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Being Eco aware means knowing our impact on our environment. Many of our day-to-day activities have a negative impact on the world around us, this includes cleaning. Eco awareness doesn't need to take up much of your time, it just requires a bit of thought when buying and using products. Using Ocean City Cleaning for your domestic cleaning services means we do the thinking for you!

When we formed our team, we made it one of our goals to lessen the harm we do, and try to offset any that can't be avoided. We are all aware of the obvious causes of pollution. We hear about car emissions, fossil fuels and single use plastics all the time. Many of us try to help the environment by recycling, buying reusable cups and taking our litter home, but how much do we think about the cleaning products we use? A cup full of washing powder here, a few squirts of disinfectant there, how about the lovely smelling sprays and plug in air fresheners we use? Many of them are doing harm that we might not even be aware of.

We have made it our mission here at Ocean City Cleaning to make sure that we are aware!

Each product we use has to follow our set of guidelines to make it into our cleaning caddy. The biggest concern with cleaning products is the numerous chemicals that they contain. These chemicals pollute our rivers and streams. They enter our food chain by being ingested by fish and other aquatic creatures. Some take a long time to breakdown into harmless substances, some are toxic when ingested or absorbed through the skin.

Before we started researching non-toxic, Eco-friendly cleaning products, we thought we were pretty clued-up. It turns out that we were wrong. Some of the cleaning products that we had been using were pretty nasty. Some of them surprised us and might surprise you too.

What to look out for on labels

These pictographs are all too common on cleaning products found in most homes. We looked at just a small selection of products found in a local store and were horrified to find that nearly all contained some form of harmful chemical.

Why the products we use are different

You won't see any of the above labels on our products. All of our products are Eco-friendly, yet still provide amazing cleaning power. We try not to use any single use plastics and we off-set our carbon footprint by planting trees!

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